Life On the Other Side

Life on the Other Side of Divorce

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I have to admit I never thought I would get divorced. In fact, I never wanted to and remember telling my ex-husband Richard before we go married that I was only doing this once and it was truly death do us part for me. However that wasn’t the case…..
I had this belief growing up that marriage was forever and I didn’t want to be like my parents. I didn’t want to be divorced. I was looking for the fairytale ending. However that isn’t what I got with Richard.
My marriage to……

Before I wrote, I read_3 Books that Changed My Life

Before I Wrote, I Read: 3 Books that Changed My Perceptions

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For the longest time, I stopped reading. I spent so many years in college reading that I was literally burnt out. I didn’t care what it was I didn’t want to read shit. In fact, growing up I was always a slow reader and would find myself getting lost in what I read. I would daydream through the words and then have to re-read what I just spent who knows how long reading. It was a vicious cycle, my little love hate relationship with reading.
However in 2012, I signed up for a coaching program to get……

Fear into Bravery

Turning Fear Into Bravery

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I met Ashley Johns of Fierce Forward in the summer of 2015.  I was drawn to her message to women, empowering them to courageously and fiercely moving forward in life regardless of their past experiences.  She has a vibe that will light the fire within you.
I’ve shared before that for the longest time I turned off my creative and connective writing – no poetry, no song lyrics and definitely no journalling.  I was scared.  Scared of what would come up.  Scared to look at myself. I was disconnected and I felt it…..

Fly Beyond the Bullshit

Fly Beyond the Bullshit

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A memory was triggered around an experience I had, when my friend, Shannon Whaley, wrote
“We’ve lived with our truth in our throats, holding back….”

For so long, I had this fear about speaking up for myself and sharing my truth with others. The words would literally get stuck in my throat and would eventually wither away along with my confidence. I was so scared of what “would” happen if I shared my truths. I had this story that if I spoke my truth, if I spoke up for myself……

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